Best IVF Centres in Allahabad

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Guru Kripa Jagrati Hospital and Research Centre

Guru Kripa Jagrati Hospital and Research Centre is a trusted multi-specialty hospital situated in Thornhill Road, Allahabad. The hospital was established in 2003, to provide complete health-care services to patients in Gujarat and neighboring states. It was founded by Prof. Dr. V. K. Agarwal with an aim to provide high-quality infertility treatment services. The treatments provided under Gynecology department includes Gynecological Disorders, Pediatric Urology, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)Obstetrics Care, Foetal Doppler, CTG & Foetal Resuscitation, Genetic Counselling, Routine PAP Smear, Ovarian Cancer Screening, Painless labor by Epidural Analgesia & Foetal monitoring. The Test Tube Baby department provides separate services such as Infertility Evaluation,


Arpit Test Tube Baby Centre

Arpit Test Tube Baby Centre is a super-specialty hospital offering high-end Gynecology and Infertility treatments in Allahabad. It is a unit of famous Jeevan Jyoti Hospital and is situated at Lowther Road, Allahabad City, Bai Ka Bag, Allahabad. Established in 1999, it has been providing world-class health-care services to its patients.