About Us

SIS women gives you a platform not only to discuss but also get guaranteed results with treatments.. SIS Women not only has the best experience of working but also guarantees to get you the best treatment possible well within your budget and from the most experienced doctors in its network and in various Clinics and Hospitals. SIS Women’s mission is to help patients with unbiased transparent information across Fertility Care and assist with Trust, Transparency, Independence, Authority and Patient Feedback.

SIS Women do not promote or entertain any such request regarding sex determination because

Gender assessment or Sex selection is completely banned in India under the Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act, 1994. In case of receiving any request regarding the sex selection, the organization will directly inform about the request to the legal authorities.

The aim of SIS Women is to help people who are struggling to realize the happiness of parenthood. A lot of people face problem in discussing about the infertility with doctors or at any healthcare centre. For the welfare of people across the world, SIS Women helps you to exploit and utilize the huge potential which actually exist in the field of Infertility care and its solution. The infertility related surgeries, fertility drugs as well as Assisted reproductive treatments (ART’s) are comprised in the category of infertility medicine. Array comparative genetic hybridization (CGH) is the technique which was recently introduced to increase the success rate of infertility treatments. In this field some of the latest developments are Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET), Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis and Screening (PGD/PGS) and Anti- Mullerian hormone (AMH).

The fertility centres and doctors partnered with SIS Women are encouraged to provide a transparent, upfront, and affordable pricing structure for infertility procedures. Patients are provided with customized treatment packages for result-oriented execution of the chosen infertility treatments. The customization is done based on the treatment cost, patient appointment, and the clinic/centre chosen. SIS Women specialists assist patients in the personalization of infertility treatment packages.