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Infertility has a significant impact on the current generation. Fortunately, modern science has produced techniques such as IVF and ICSI to combat infertility, allowing couples to expect success in having a baby. However, until recently, not everyone realized the effectiveness of the technique. Therefore, partners may be reluctant to seek solutions that can help them overcome infertility.

This article discusses some of the reasons why couples should opt for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) for problems with pregnancy and infertility.

what is ivf

What is IVF?

IVF is a fertilization process in which an egg fuses with a sperm outside the body in vitro. The process involves monitoring and stimulation of a woman’s ovulation, retrieval of an egg or eggs from a woman’s ovaries, and fertilization by sperm in a laboratory. 

Who can choose IVF?

In vitro fertilization is a treatment for infertility patients who are unable to conceive after regular treatment, to severe male and tubal factors, uterine causes, single parents, sexuality, and more.

What problems does IVF solve?

Traditionally, IVF has been used to help men and women cope with pregnancy and infertility. Women with missing, damaged or blocked fallopian tubes were among the first patients to successfully perform IVF. However, many men with known and unexplained infertility problems have benefited from this procedure, especially when combined with intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). The ICSI technique aims to extract one sperm from the sample and inject it into the oocyte cytoplasm for optimal fertilization rates.

In many cases, IVF combined with ICSI is the only way for a man with a low sperm count to become the biological father of a child. The only other way is sperm donation or adoption.

What are the chances of having a baby with IVF?

The probability of having a baby with IVF is between 30-45% worldwide and depends on patient factors.

How does treatment provide flexibility for couples?

IVF/ICSI treatment offers great flexibility in terms of gestation period if the couple travels after the health care is completed.

What are the treatment possibilities for IVF in India?

It’s no secret that India is a destination that offers world-class treatments at very reasonable prices. When it comes to selecting a pregnancy for IVF, the process is 25% to 50% cheaper than in the world.

In vitro fertilization, and pregnancies have brought about healthy births for couples all over the world. With the right direction, you can be one of them. Remember that age is a vital factor in IVF. When using donor eggs or surrogates for pregnancy, the success rate varies. Consult your gynecologist or fertility specialist to find out what treatment is best for a healthy birth.

Benefits of the IVF Treatment:

  1. Applications with no restrictions

One of the irreplaceable advantages of IVF Lucknow is that it is not limited to women’s issues. Pregnancy problems such as severe endometriosis blocked fallopian tubes, and problems in men such as a lower sperm count or a lack of sperm in the semen can bring joy to parenting with IVF. Thus, this type of pregnancy can bring happiness to many couples.

  1. Donated eggs make reproduction easier

If a woman has complications with egg production, her doctor may suggest a pregnancy with a donated egg. In such a scenario, in vitro fertilization is the only option because the sperm and egg are fertilized outside the body before being inserted into the woman’s uterus.

  1. Elimination of genetic diseases

There are women with chromosomal abnormalities. This results in genetically abnormal embryos leading to premature abortions. Hereditary diseases in the family can be eradicated with IVF.

The genetic potential of an embryo can be determined in advance through genetic testing before implantation. This ultimately increases the chances of a successful and healthy pregnancy.

  1. Better idea

The combination of in vitro fertilization and genetic testing before use significantly increases the chances of conception. Multiple IVF cycles can even be performed to ensure fertilization is optimized, resulting in an effective conception.

  1. More success

IVF is considered a last resort for couples. The success rate of IVF in women under the age of 35 is 32.2%. Still, the stats were low; In vitro fertilization is more successful than other infertility treatments.

You can spend a lot of money on fertility treatment but if your infertility diagnosis is best done with IVF, do it when you can afford it as the cost of IVF in Lucknow is very high.

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